The Board Bedroom Expo

The plank room expo is a three-day trade demonstrate that features hundreds of booths with board-related services and goods. The expo as well features workshops and courses. It’s a great opportunity to network with enterprisers and learn about the latest fads in the industry.

A gathering of like-minded buffs

The Boardroom is a party of the surfboard manufacturing industry, a connection of like-minded enthusiasts so, who are utilized by a traditional love designed for riding dunes and the crafts that engage us along those waves. It’s the perfect raccord of browsers, shapers and kit enthusiasts so, who froth above boards coming from all sizes and shapes.

The new meeting of this industry’s best

The best in surf developing gather underneath one roof to exhibit their am employed at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show. Shown by simply US Blanks at Delete Mar Fairgrounds, the show will feature workshops and demonstrations, sales, a shape-off honoring East Coast legend Rich Cost, and more. It will also offer opportunities to purchase a wide variety of surfboards, essential search equipment, bout, wetsuits and art.

A fresh celebration from the craft

The show’s spotlight is the Portion of Foam Obstacle, in which several master shapers will try to build an 8-foot by 2-foot surfboard by a chunk of froth – no blanks, not any templates, no prefab rockers or stringers. Each shaper will have 90 minutes to have a board using only the tools presented in the shaping bay, and they’ll receive $1, 000 for their endeavors.

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